Curiosities, You Did Not Know About The Casino World

Today, with the proliferation of online casinos, living an experience similar to that of a traditional casino is more possible than ever. We can know very quickly what is the offer of no deposit bonus of the best gaming operators, but you may not know how those online casinos arose, the why of certain details in traditional casinos, and so on up to curiosities that you did not know about the world of casino.

Where Do Casinos Come From?

Gambling halls already existed long before casinos, at least since 1638, when the Ridotto di San Moisè opened its doors in Venice (Italy). At that time, the nobles met to organize illegal card games, the origins of the poker timbers.

What Is The Origin Of The Word Casino?

Despite the urban and cosmopolitan touch that many casinos around the world show today, the truth is that the word casino originates from Italy and made reference to certain country houses that were used by the nobles as leisure centers. We are talking about the XIX century.

When Did The First Online Casino Arise?

In 1996 the first online casino to use appeared thanks to the activity of Microgaming, which managed to develop a technology that protected economic transactions on the internet, the Intercasino. He took advantage of the creation of the General Directorate of Gambling in 1994 on the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, at which time licenses were started for online casinos.

Professional Players Prefer Full Tables

A crowded game table means more time to think. And that, for more experienced players, is gratifying, because it gives them more opportunities to win a final prize, even if it is courtesy, depending on the time the player spends at the table.

Casino Courtesy Prizes Are Worth The Wait

And these prizes, which vary depending on the amount wagered by the player; how often you visit the casino; and his favorite games; They can range from promotional material to free meals, tickets to shows and concerts, free hotel stays, plane flights and even paid vacations. Some prizes that VIP players from online casinos can also take away today.